Whistles of Surfaces is a collection of artworks and digital artifacts that negotiate the manifestation of materiality and the potential of the sculptural form.

Transcending its online form, the collection is materialised as a series of installations, which bring together a curatorial process, the design of digital environments and a spatial and bodily experience. The digital environments constitute compositions of spatial fragments, experienced through an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality device. The artworks from the collection inhabit the digital space as sound versions of their visual form, dispersed in the environment as sonic areas. This conversion occurs as a subjective literary translation, hovering between descriptiveness and poeticness, as if the viewer would articulate her recorded impression of the work after her viewing.


Whistles of Surfaces is a collaboration between visual artist Lito Kattou and architects Eftychios Savvidis and Charalampos Ioannou.

The first installation of the collection takes place on the occasion of the event Matters as Pleasures, Forces as Things, Bodies as Matters at Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia.


Whistles of Surfaces currently features:

Enrico Boccioletti
Fenetre Project
Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite
Phanos Kyriacou
Oliver Laric
Petros Moris
Giacomo Raffaelli
Yves Scherer
Valinia Svoronou